Causes, symptoms and how to deal with stress.

Stress has become so commonplace now that people often call it ‘normal’. But workplace stress is anything but normal. Here is how it is destroying your health and ways you can stop it.

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Stress has become so commonplace now that people often call it ‘normal’. But workplace stress is anything but normal. Here is how it is destroying your health and ways you can stop it.

Everyone is stressed out. We all have been through those days when we feel irritated, anxious and flustered. We all have dealt with those nights when it was difficult to sleep and worry about the curve balls life has thrown on us.

But in the present, people started thinking that taking stress is normal’ and being relaxed’ cites that you are doing something wrong.

For students, it is all about academics and cracking the exams while for professionals, stress is related to achieving the targets. Excessive stress interferes with productivity and performance.

For most people, it is difficult to target the sources of stress. But what if the source of your stress happens to be your workplace?

Well, workplace stress is growing into a health epidemic with severe consequences.

What are the types of workplace stress?

Stress at the workplace is beyond meeting the deadlines or feeling frustrated with the job’s role and responsibilities. Workplace stress is classified into two types:

1. Chronic stress which is consistent and ruthless follows the person day in and day out. It is worst for health and is most common in corporate. It can be deadly as well.

2. Acute stress which if suffered too frequently results in episodic stress and is related to a particular incident. It ceases from time to time and is seen in people who make unrealistic, unreasonable or self-inflicted demands.

What are the causes of workplace stress?

  • Issues with colleagues
  • Work pressure
  • Unable to maintain work and life balance
  • No job security
  • Ageism in the workplace
  • Unable to get enough hours to rest

Signs you are dealing with stress:

  • Constantly feeling anxious, irritated and stressed
  • Suffering from fatigue
  • Unable to concentrate or stay focused
  • Feeling apathetic
  • Health issues
  • Turning to alcohol and drugs to deal with stress

How to deal with workplace stress

Office stress can be hazardous to health. Fortunately, there are techniques that help in preventing workplace stress.

1. Be active: Those who spend too much time at their desk are more likely to feel stressed out and fatigued. Every hour get up from your seat and stretch your legs. Take a brief walk around and it is advised not to eat your lunch at your desk.

2. Positive relationships: According to several studies, people who have positive relationships in the workplace are less likely to feel stressed and burnout. Invest in positive relationships if you enjoy the company of certain people at your workplace.

3. Follow a better diet: It may sound basic and obvious but improvement in diet can make a huge difference in fighting with stress. Load up your plate with plenty of omega- 3 fatty acids and get plenty of sleep.

4. Invest in personal life: Don’t let job insecurities and office issues to take over your personal life. Find joy and objective outside your workplace. Spend time with your loved ones. Keep yourself away from technologies when you are with your family. You can also take up a hobby you always wanted to pursue. Do whatever makes you happy.

5. Organize your schedule: If you feel like you are doing a million things in one go then it’s time to allocate your tasks. Every day, make a task list and mark the ones which are important. Prioritizing and organizing the day will control the workplace job and you will feel less stressed out.

6. Humor: There are times when things get rough. All you need to do is laugh’. Try to look for humor in all things that are stressing you. This tip gives a good support system both at work and at home.

Keep going!

Even after trying all the above tricks, you are still not happy then it’s the time to look for a new opportunity. No matter how many stress-busting tips you have followed, they won’t help if you are dealing with a bully or toxic people at the office.

Understand when it’s the right time to let go off your job especially when it is taking a toll on your health. Also, learn how to deal with workplace stress with the right attitude and techniques.

– Article by Malini Saba, Founder Saba Family Foundations and Saba Group Holdings

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