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Dr Saba Pandemic Philanthropist

Malini Saba, a self-made entrepreneur and the founder of Saba Group Holdings, enunciates the quality of using one’s business to serve humanity. She launched the ‘Anannke Foundation’ (previously known as Saba Family Foundation) to serve as the umbrella organisation for all her philanthropic efforts and activities that focus on healthcare, education, and human rights. During the pandemic, the Annanke foundation under Dr Saba’s leadership donated Rs 1.9 crore and 20,000 kg of dry white rice to its ‘Save the Children’ COVID-19 response, the first in a series of donations. The donation aimed to enhance the outreach of food baskets, hygiene kits, clothes and support to 20 lakh children and their families living on the streets. They also had an extensive plan that was laid out to help the underprivileged sustain through the pandemic.