Why understanding your employees is important for Success.

By Rajeshwari Sajosh

I wanted to interview Saba to understand her views on Management and what she thought about hiring more women in her field.

Her feedback was enlightening. She has some strong views on management and gender equality in the workplace.

She had four areas which she focused on beginning with :

Unite, Don’t Direct

There’s a fine line between a leader and a manager. For one, a leader inspires employees to follow her lead and pursue her goals. A manager, on the other hand, leads by instruction and directives. This is why Malini Saba finds one more successful than the other:
In my experience, encouraging a team-oriented culture that is focused on uniting employees behind a shared sense of purpose and a common goal is more effective than offering directives. If you and your leadership team are on the same page with this approach, it is much easier to engage employees throughout the firm to meet those collective goals.  

Tailor the Experience

The first step in achieving gender equality in the workplace is understanding and supporting the fact that men and women work differently. Most importantly, Saba encourages women to find opportunity in everything:

As employers, we need to accept that women and men operate differently in the workplace and set up development and training programs that are designed to target high potential employees in both groups. As women, we need to remind ourselves to have an ‘opt in’ attitude. Career downturns happen to everyone and we must remember to treat them as opportunities to change how we work or try something new. That is what shows our true mettle.

Invest in professional development

When it comes to increasing female executive leadership, Malini  reminds employers to create equal and ample opportunities for women to climb the corporate ladder:
Companies must invest in their female employees’ leadership and professional development. I’m very proud of the numerous development and mentoring programs that Saba Group Holdings has in place to help women excel at our firm and we’re seeing results that are validating this approach.

Ending gender pay inequality 

Unfortunately, gender Pay inequality still very much exists. But, as Saba suggests, there are ways to combat this inequality both inside and outside of the workplace:
The issue is complex because there is still no single answer as to why. Saba Group Holdings’s interest in this issue goes far beyond our organization; we want to empower women’s financial futures, and that means putting programs, such as our seminars, in place to help them understand their finances.

Being the President and CEO of a multinational corporation is no easy feat. But Malini Saba shows us that through hard work, the right attitude and a great team, it is possible.