Originally posted in BusinessWorld.in on February 22, 2020 by Resham Suhail.

Current lot of women achievers are greatly optimistic about the next lot having come up the difficult way

The successful bunch of women entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves look back at their journey and share anecdotes of their struggle, trials and tribulations before tasting success. But they are optimistic about the next batch that may following in their footsteps. Because the new generation of entrepreneurs are full of zeal, ideas and enthusiasm and get to learn a lot from those who have made it big. Experienced entrepreneurs offered glimpse of all the pros and cons that women entrepreneurs have faced in their respective journey.

The session was moderated by Sonal Jindal, Managing Partner, Medusa Source.

Kick-starting the discussion, Anika Parashar, CEO, RiverRock Ventures had a simple, yet valuable lessons for the new age entrepreneurs: “I love doing work even more when I realize that women are working with women and for the women.” Having said that, if we are much more kind and empathetic towards each other, the journey will be that much more beautiful, Parashar said. 

Ashtar Tashi, Founder, Ashtar Tashi, a veteran in the field of fashion has a simple message – Become a Seeker. Sharing her journey, Tashi said: “I have been there in the fashion industry for remarkably long years but felt emptiness inside. And that motivated me to become a seeker.”

Tashi offered another tip from her experience that has helped her become who she is today, “Knowing ‘why’ is very important—be it ‘why’ one is doing a task to ‘why’ are we here in the world. I firmly believe that the world comprises of only 7 things, 7 ideas, 7 questions, and many more 7s,” she added.

Sharing her philosophy and learning as a successful women entrepreneur, Malini Saba, Founder & Chairman, Saba Group Holdings said it was ‘simplicity’ that attracted her the most. “I would look for a simple way to come out of a problem,” Saba added. Sharing her concern about the manner in which the media was depicting the women, Saba said: “The media should change the way they are showcasing women. It has not really changed with time. In fact, it is still the same traditional way of portraying a women as it was several years ago,” Saba added. 

Striking a difference between meditation and mediation Radhika Shapoorjee, Founder & CEO, Mediation Mantras said: “Meditation is just a part of mediation.” Shapoorjee underlined the need for today’s woman to recognize the ‘Man’ in the word woman. “We should hold on to the positive points of woman and man within us. I really believe in solving conflicts so as to achieving a win-win outcome,” she said.

Savitaraj Hiremath, Director, Tandav Film Entertainment was candid and admitted how her family only allowed her to take up one profession, that was perceived as being fit for women. “It was the profession of teaching. That is how I became a Nursery teacher,” Hiranath said adding that there were many struggles in her journey that started as a teacher to becoming a veteran in Bollywood having directed a number of films that went on to win accolades.

Concluding the session Sonal Jindal, Managing Partner, Medusa Source said: “We must have a firm belief that when we will do the right things. And that right things will happen to us for sure”. The panel session at BW Businessworld Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Awards 2020 ended leaving the audience enriched, enlightened and inspired.