Ten things you did not know about Malini Saba


London, UK – 30 Dec., 2010 – In this article we detail 10 things you should know about Malini Saba.

Malini Saba CEO and Chairman of Saba Group Holdings, started her career in 1994. Back then, she was still finishing up get PHD. Since her humble beginnings, Ms. Saba has climbed to the top of the corporate ladder. However, Malini Saba is more than just a corporate power player. She has led an interesting, boundary breaking, female empowering life that is worth knowing more about. This article, we bring you ten things you didn’t know about Malini Saba.

  1. She is a top paid Commodity CEO.
    She has an impressive salary. This serves as a testament to her formidable talent as a business woman.

  2. She is one of the very few self-made in the commodity Industry.
    Not only does Ms. Saba pull in huge stacks, she is the first woman owner and CEO in the commodity space. This should be inspiring women everywhere – even in a traditionally male dominated industry, a woman’s hard work and perseverance can result with her at the helm in a 21st century society.

  3. She is a psychologist.
    Though Saba, current job of CEO is a business – oriented position- which she is particularly week equipped for, given her PHD and considerable experience – she originally studied psychology. Her psychology role is indispensable during her work with her business.

  4. She was rated one of 10 to succeed in San Francisco magazine.
    She was picked one of ten to definitely succeed and to watch over the next 10 years.

  5. Her favorite cars are Mercedes and Bentley
    She is crazy about cars and loves to race.

  6. Her favorite past time is cooking.
    She loves to cook and create new recipes. She authored a Cook book “The Abbreviated Cook”. Click here to learn more.

  7. She does not always like Fame.
    In an interview wiith Malini Saba, the prominent CEO expressed some annoyance with being recognized constantly. Though she attempts to stay under the radar and do simple things she finds it sometimes intrusive.

  8. She loves children.
    She loves being around children. She finds that they keep her grounded and they help her keep things simple

  9. She collects teddy bears.
    She finds them to be calming.

  10. She meditates.
    Malini Saba is a spiritual person. She believes that staying true to the core of what the universe is about is important for all our well-being. In her words it is all about the YING and YANG. It’s a balance. We need to have that to be able to run a multi-million-dollar company and always remember it is not all about you – it is about the company.

After 25 years of building her business empire through rough patches and great revenues, Malini Saba continues to run the company with killer economic sense. Massive profits are a certainty for this smart CEO and her company. Ms. Saba serves as an inspiration for women everywhere, and a testament to what hard work can bring to a person’s life.

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