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Making a difference

Making a difference

Malini Saba talks about balancing her roles of being a businesswoman and philanthropist, her passion for writing and love for cooking.

A self-made businesswoman and an ardent philanthropist, Malini Saba is truly a multitasker.

She started Saba Industries in the 90’s when the industry was dominated by men. “It was a man’s world when I began my career and I would never have been given the opportunity to lead a company. Thus, I put my savings together and started it. It evolved over time and now we have over 2,000 employees in eight countries. This journey has not been easy and through it all we have had failures and down turns.  But it has been a great journey,” shares Saba, who comes from a middle-class family and whose father was ailing when she was in high school. Holding herself strong, she studied Psychology and did her PhD in the field. “It was not an easy road but it made me stronger and made me understand the value of education and money.”

In 2002, she launched The Saba Family Foundation to serve as the umbrella organisation for all her philanthropic works. The foundation’s three areas of focus are healthcare, education and human rights. Saba believes that with money and power comes responsibility. “It is not there for us to abuse. I strongly feel that when God entrusts us with large amounts of money, through our hard work we must give back and make a difference to this world. I chose to do that.  I want to be able to make a difference and improve the lives and public policy for women and children. Women’s issues have always been in the forefront for me. Despite modernisation of societies, we still hold women to a different standard —their voices and cries are not heard and not taken seriously. This has to change.”

Saba has also penned The Abbreviated Cook — a book of quick and easy recipes. “Writing is a passion for me and cooking is therapeutic. I enjoy feeding my family and I believe we pass love through our food,” shares Saba, who is currently in the middle of writing another book.

After a long day of work, she comes home to her husband, child, cats and dogs.

“They are the most important part in my life. When I am not traveling, I make it a point to drop and pick up my child from school, do the grocery shopping for dinner that night and come home and make dinner with a glass of good wine. That is my normal routine. I make sure I always read to my daughter every night and talk to her about life, universe and why we are all here. This I do without fail even when I am traveling, Facetime is awesome for that. I want to give her an understanding of the world and life. I believe it’s important for parents to talk to their kids. It’s not about the amount of time you spend with them. When you do spend time with them, you have to give them 100 per cent of your time —meaning no phone, no computer, no one else talking to you. Just you and the child. That quality time is priceless.”

This article originally posted here @ THE ASIAN AGE.

Published : Oct 12, 2018, 12:23 am IST
Updated : Oct 12, 2018, 12:23 am IST

Publication:          Asian Age

Headline:              Making Difference

Language:            English

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Malini Saba and 7 Networking Tips For Women

Malini Saba and 7 Networking Tips For Women

Malini Saba

Founder, Saba Family Foundations & Saba Industries

Malini Saba is a self-made businesswoman, an ardent philanthropist and a force to be reckoned with, Ms. Saba embodies the concept of using business to serve humanity Her eminent group of commodities companies, Saba Industries, is a prime example of her stratagem of using business to serve humanity. Functioning in the agriculture and mining industry, the group hires local talents and helps them achieve economic stability. The CSR arm of the group, Saba Family Foundation, has given access to life-saving medical and educational services to millions of disadvantaged people across South and Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, India, and the Middle East. the foundation is an extension of Ms. Saba’s philanthropy and aims to help at least one billion people to gain access to basic health care, education, and opportunities which allow them to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

7 Networking Tips For Women: How to Use Network to Grow Your Business Without Being Spammy

Here’s How you can also structure your own niche and find people who have similar interests
5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. A recent study shows that less than 6% of the adults in the world work on their own business. Women account for less than half of that number. So what are the few things that women can keep in mind to increase their network?

Dress Well : They say first impression is the last impression. Dressing well and appropriate on different occasions can set different contexts in your life. You can choose between business formals and business casuals depending on your mood and commitment. Dressing well also promotes your leadership qualities. It shows that you are best prepared to deal with risks and challenges thrown at your way. Lastly, if people at social gatherings or events like your dressing sense, they are likely to connect with you and maintain a long relationship. How you present yourself matters the most.

Try Attending All Social Events : Whether it is a corporate party or a private kitty party, women need to attend all of them if they want to increase their social network. Parties are known to be spaces where people tend to get social. You will also meet a diverse range of people there and you never know who can turn out to be useful. Interactions at these parties are also very social. Many people find their prospective clients at such parties. Also, do keep an eye out for events specially meant for women entrepreneurs. The has been a sudden rise in such event and they prove to be very helpful when you need connections.

Work With Diversity : If you are really interested in growing your pool of network and expanding your business, you will need to cater to diversity and work with them. More diversity at your workplace will mean that you will be introduced to newer people, communities and culture. It will also empower you to learn about others. Diversity gives you a golden opportunity for you to develop useful contacts, gain helpful information, and obtain positive business referrals.

Use Social Media Well : Social media is the best form of communication today. It has surpassed all the forms of communication and hosts around 2.46 billion people worldwide. The most amazing feature of social media is that you can reach out to anyone without having to move anywhere. All you need is internet connection. In-person connection is slowly being overshadowed by online communication. You can find like-minded people or special kind of people you are looking for through groups and filters. Social media is also great for your business as it acts as a medium for advertisement.

Get To Know Them Beforehand : Social media can tell you a lot about people’s interests and desires. You can use this information before approaching them. A little knowledge about people’s passions, interests and desires can make you understand their demand and needs well. It can also help you tailor your services for them. It is very imperative for businesses to know their clients or any third-party vendors really well before engaging in business with them. It just ensures that your relationship is smooth and that you don’t run into any major challenges or risks

Learn From Mistakes : It is always very imperative to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. If you have made any mistakes in the past in terms of networking, for eg. pushed too hard for something or over-talked at some event, it is suggested that you don’t repeat it. People can get turned off very easily, especially if their ideologies don’t match. In today’s age of digital and fast-paced networking, it is very easy to make mistakes that go unnoticed. Mistakes can also bring a huge blow to your business. If you hurt someone or publicly embarrass someone, chances are that people might get intimidated. Always learn to carry a respectable image in public.

Align Your Values With Others : This is the most important factor to keep in mind while networking. Aligning your values according to others means understanding needs and demands of people and supplying them service tailored for their needs. If you align your values, it is easy to attract attention and fulfill your professional cum personal goals. Aligning your values may also make you a people’s person as a lot of people will start investing time and faith on you. Most businesses are built on these two factors: time and faith. Therefore it makes more sense for women to make sure that they invest time and faith onto people they are looking to connect with. Knowing a little history about them and understanding the culture they come from can be of great help too.

These are some tips to grow your network for your business. However, you can also structure your own niche and find people who have similar interests.

Malini Saba Shares Secrets

Malini Saba Shares Secrets

Malini Saba Shares Secrets

BACKSTAGE Secrets of Malini Saba

1) Best Career advice I’ve gotten:

Always think before you act. Never take anything personally – it’s business.


2) Moment I felt I’d Made it:

When I stopped worrying about money.


3) How I made my first Dollar:

I worked at Red Rooster as a cashier.


4) Favorite Perks in the job:

I get to travel all over the world in my job and I meet interesting people.


5) If I weren’t a businesswoman what would I be?

I would be a writer. I love writing.


6) Three qualities that got me to where I am today:

I never give up on anything. I listen to everyones opinion. I forgive and forget.


7) Song I would play at my funeral:

Frank Sinatra’s. –  “MY WAY”


8) Food I am not ashamed to admit I love:

Chocolate cheesecake. It’s my favorite thing to eat .It makes me happy.


9) Superhero power I would like to have –

To make the world happy. I would swish it like a wand and make everyone happy with where they are in their life and happy

With what they have.


10) What every woman should try once in her lifetime –

Taking a trip on the ORIENT EXPRESS. It’s the best experience and just beautiful and set in time.


11) If I could live abroad where would it be.

I would like on an island like BORA BORA. Its just an amazing place.


12) First Album I bought  –

Modanna ’s –  Like a Virgin.


13) Book that left a lasting impression on me

South Beach Diet  –  Never knew anything like that could actually work.


14) On My bucket list –

I want to take the BLUE Train in Africa, see Iceland and fly a plane.


15) One thing I am exceptionally good at –



16) One thing I am exceptionally bad at –



17) How I clear my head after a crappy day:

I listen to Frank Sinatra record and gave a glass of wine.


18) My First Kiss –

The man I married.


19) Advice to a woman with a broken heart:

Take it is as a learning experience and that the Universe was protecting you from further hurt. The Universe took it away because

Something better is on its way to you. Cherish that feeling and trust the universe. It makes miracles happen when you let go.


20) Craziest thing I did for love –

I moved countries for him only to discover he was after my money.