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Success is being happy and content with your life

Success is being happy and content with your life

This original article appeared in this digital version of The Sunday Guardian Live paper here. See page #16 for specific article.

“Success is being happy and content with your life”

Q: What sparked the idea of creating Saba Family Foundation?
A: Saba Family Foundation was set up to be a catalyst for solving women’s issues like domestic violence, harassment, education and health.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: The best thing is that I get to meet the survivors and talk to them. Working with advocates to fund their causes and organizing campaigns to help push change.

Q: What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
A: Perfect vacation for me is one with no phone, no computer, on a beach and a lot of good food.

Q: What is your motto if life?
A: My motto is to never give up on anything that one strongly believes in.

Q: Tell us about your hobbies.
A: I love swimming and gardening. I swim for hours because it allows me to connect with myself with every stroke, and it’s a great exercise for the whole body. Gardening because it connects me with the earth. That’s when I am outside with the birds and the squirrels who always steal my tomato before I get to them.

Q: What qualities according to you one should possess to be successful in life?
A: Success is different for everyone. To me, it is being happy inside and content with the journey of life. When you are happy and positive, you can handle any hurdle, any negative thing that life hits you with through the course of life. Thus you are a successful person when you attain happiness from within.


A Supportive Man Can Help A Woman Move Mountains: Malini Saba

A Supportive Man Can Help A Woman Move Mountains: Malini Saba

A Supportive Man Can Help A Woman Move Mountains: Malini Saba

Women are the real architects of the society, said Harriet Beecher Stowe, and it is certainly true in case of Malini Saba.

A businesswoman who knows what it means to build an empire from scratch, she’s the Founder-CEO of The Saba Industries and The Saba Family Foundation. Her story is inspiring to say the least, and much more can be learned from her strong will, passion and the hard work that she puts towards what she believes in.

In a chat with SHEROES, she talks about how her life has panned out, about The Saba Family Foundation which is very close to her heart and what it takes to be a leader.

I was born in a small town in Malaysia, the eldest of 4 siblings. We did not have much growing up and hence, my goal was to always provide for my family. I studied and put myself through school and University by working three jobs, only to start my own business 26 years ago.

I now live in Vietnam and part of the time in Monaco. I have a beautiful child who is my life and soul. I’m grateful to have a spouse who is so supportive of my career and a strong man who is able to be home while I work.

His support means everything to me because it confirms to me that a supportive man can make a woman move mountains.

Helping Others Was What I Wanted To Do, Always

I knew early on in life that helping others is what I wanted to do. I strongly believe that my role in this world is to help others. In order to do that, I had to build myself up and establish a company that earned money to fund the Saba Family Foundation.

My father always helped his not-so-well-to-do family in Sri Lanka. He consistently told me that money is not to be taken for granted. It is a privilege given by God and if you ever make a lot of money, you must always give back.

Having grown up the hard way, studying and working through all sorts of odd jobs, I know what it is like to not have money, to struggle to feed yourself, pay your rent and take care of your siblings.

While this keeps me humble, it also makes me work hard to earn money and to make sure that I am able to manage the Saba Family Foundation and give back.

My nature is to make the wrong, right. I am not afraid to fight the biggest and the strongest. That has consequences but it has to be done to help those who cannot, and do not have the funds to, defend themselves.

The Saba Family Foundation & Its Vision

We are the catalyst for change. We believe that when you help one woman, you help a community, and in turn the nation. I believe in a woman’s right to stand her ground, her right to read and work.

A woman is not an ornament to be passed around, she does not belong to people.

The foundation exists to fund scholarships, legal battles for women, engage in campaigns for women issues and help young girls.

Helping With Women Centric Issues

We work with well-known partners like CARE, NETAID, VITAL VOICES and  UNICEF. We also fund the build out of schools in different countries like Mexico and Ghana, to name a few.  We helped YUVA in the early part of the Millennium to build their sight in Mumbai too.

We also hold our own campaigns like the anti-bullying campaign through schools, work environments, and older adult housing. We feel domestic violence is a form of bullying too.

Our mission stays the same – help a woman to have a voice.

Taking The Leadership Role Early On

It has been an enriching experience and the best ride of my life. I have had three failures through the course of building this company, once almost losing it all. But I stuck through it, reviewed those failures and learned about people.

I think the best lesson is if you truly believe in your business and yourself, don’t ever give up! Stick through it, no matter what someone else says to you.

You will get there and it would be beyond your wildest dreams. Success never comes easy, it comes with its own share of problems. But the growth curve is high.

You also learn about those who will stand by you because of you and your vision, and those that are there only to be riders on your coat tails. It is very important to learn how to read people. If you have those two traits, you will be fine.

Women Leaders In Industrial Arena

It is very different for women to be in this area. Most people who are in this field are men and women are in really small numbers. There are very few that have built it from scratch. Usually, it’s passed on to them from their husband or family. But I did not have that luxury – I had to build Saba Industries block by block.

Women are not much respected to know their stuff in this field. I have always wanted to keep my femininity and be strong. I feel being a woman is not a weakness in this field, it’s actually a strength.

The Challenges Of An Entrepreneur

Our foundation is funded by the business. When it comes to the foundation, to find and fund the right groups that hold true to the vision, is very important to me. I am always involved with the final selections. I treat it like a business and make sure all the due diligence is done to make sure whatever we fund is viable and will be able to have an impact or get the result it needs.

But building a business is not easy – the biggest hurdle is getting others to believe in you to help you raise funds or debt. They felt I did not understand this space. They would give me lip service – entertain my proposal but politely say, “We will pass. Come back when you have sales.”

I decided to take a loan and used my credit cards to build it out. Basically, I put in all my life savings to buy the first couple of concessions for gold and iron ore to move ahead.

The third knock from the Universe was the worst, the funds we were expecting never showed up and that put us in such a bad place – it was followed by the markets tanking and price volatility. It was a nightmare but I believed in myself and my dream and the vision. I told my closest loyal staff, we have to stick it through and once again, my savings came into play.

But when I look back, it was all worth it. Now we are in 8 countries, in different mineral and agricultural space; but I am always careful because anything can change and you have to be prepared. This business is something that should outlast me and hopefully, my child will take over it.

What Motivates Me

Life experiences are what motivates me the most. I want to change and a better work environment for women, better political environment for women and education for women. I also want us, as a society, to embrace the changes because it’s inevitable.

Nirupama Kondayya Nirupama feels that life is all about #TakingCharge, one step at a time, everyday. She truly believes that women have the potential to achieve their dreams, once they put their heart into it. She also believes that being grateful for little things has big impacts in life.

Businesswoman with a Heart

Businesswoman with a Heart

10/6/2018 – This article originally from the India Business Journal – October 2018 @ =50

You may download the entire article here (PDFIndia Business Journal – October 2018. or
MS-WORD DOCX format here India Business Journal – October 2018

Sharmila Chand catches up with Ms. Saba (shown below) to know more about the business woman & philanthropist.
Send feedback tochand.sharmila@gmail. com.

Malini Saba is a self-made businesswoman and ardent philanthropist.

Born in Malaysia to a family of modest means, Ms. Saba spent her early life in Sri Lanka and Australia. Later, she migrated to the USA and, along with her husband, learned the nuances of business. In 2002, she launched The Saba Family Foundation to serve as an umbrella organization for all her philanthropic works. Through the foundation, she has helped millions of under-served women and children in South and South-East Asia, South America, Africa and the US gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability. Funding for her philanthropic works comes from Saba Industries, a group of commodities companies that she has founded in Asia. Tak­ ing time off her  busy  schedule, Ms. Saba has penned The Abbreviated Cook, a book of quick and easy recipes that offer a twist on traditional South and South-East Asian dishes.

Q: What is your philosophy of life?
A: I believe that what goes around comes around, for I have lived long enough to see it being very true.

Q: What is your passion in life?
A: My passion and my calling in life are to help others and thus the foundation.

Q: What is your management mantra?
A: Never, never, never give up

Q: What would you like to say about your work?
A: My work is my baby. It is what I wake up to everyday. It does not define me, but it gives me great challenges, overcoming which gives me immense joy.

Q: Your strength...
A: Never giving up.

Q: A business Leader you admire the most...
A: I admire Steve jobs. He was relentless with his vision to succeed.

Q: Your weakness ...
A: Never giving up.

Q: Your kind of music...
A: I love Bollywood songs and Hip Hop.

Q: Your favourite holiday destination...
A: Bora Bora – Tahiti

Q: Golf or Bridge or...
A: Golf hands down. The game allows me to be away from my phones and alone on the grounds.

Q: You are a tough, serious boss or
A: I like to think that I am the serious kind of boss but with a soft touch much like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Q: Formal suit or casual attire…
A: Casual attire any day

Q: What do you enjoy the most in lifegenerally?
A: I love cooking. It gives me great pleasure to come home from work and cook a variety of dishes for my family.

Q: How do you de-stress?
A: I find getting my nails done at a salon with my family very relaxing.

Q: Your mantra for success...
A: Get up, brush off, and keep at it.

Q: Your dream...
A: To make a movie in Bollywood.

Q: Ten years from now, where do we see you?
A: On my yacht, retired and writing my memoirs.

Malini Saba and 7 Networking Tips For Women

Malini Saba and 7 Networking Tips For Women

Malini Saba

Founder, Saba Family Foundations & Saba Industries

Malini Saba is a self-made businesswoman, an ardent philanthropist and a force to be reckoned with, Ms. Saba embodies the concept of using business to serve humanity Her eminent group of commodities companies, Saba Industries, is a prime example of her stratagem of using business to serve humanity. Functioning in the agriculture and mining industry, the group hires local talents and helps them achieve economic stability. The CSR arm of the group, Saba Family Foundation, has given access to life-saving medical and educational services to millions of disadvantaged people across South and Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, India, and the Middle East. the foundation is an extension of Ms. Saba’s philanthropy and aims to help at least one billion people to gain access to basic health care, education, and opportunities which allow them to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy.

7 Networking Tips For Women: How to Use Network to Grow Your Business Without Being Spammy

Here’s How you can also structure your own niche and find people who have similar interests
5 min read
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media.

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. A recent study shows that less than 6% of the adults in the world work on their own business. Women account for less than half of that number. So what are the few things that women can keep in mind to increase their network?

Dress Well : They say first impression is the last impression. Dressing well and appropriate on different occasions can set different contexts in your life. You can choose between business formals and business casuals depending on your mood and commitment. Dressing well also promotes your leadership qualities. It shows that you are best prepared to deal with risks and challenges thrown at your way. Lastly, if people at social gatherings or events like your dressing sense, they are likely to connect with you and maintain a long relationship. How you present yourself matters the most.

Try Attending All Social Events : Whether it is a corporate party or a private kitty party, women need to attend all of them if they want to increase their social network. Parties are known to be spaces where people tend to get social. You will also meet a diverse range of people there and you never know who can turn out to be useful. Interactions at these parties are also very social. Many people find their prospective clients at such parties. Also, do keep an eye out for events specially meant for women entrepreneurs. The has been a sudden rise in such event and they prove to be very helpful when you need connections.

Work With Diversity : If you are really interested in growing your pool of network and expanding your business, you will need to cater to diversity and work with them. More diversity at your workplace will mean that you will be introduced to newer people, communities and culture. It will also empower you to learn about others. Diversity gives you a golden opportunity for you to develop useful contacts, gain helpful information, and obtain positive business referrals.

Use Social Media Well : Social media is the best form of communication today. It has surpassed all the forms of communication and hosts around 2.46 billion people worldwide. The most amazing feature of social media is that you can reach out to anyone without having to move anywhere. All you need is internet connection. In-person connection is slowly being overshadowed by online communication. You can find like-minded people or special kind of people you are looking for through groups and filters. Social media is also great for your business as it acts as a medium for advertisement.

Get To Know Them Beforehand : Social media can tell you a lot about people’s interests and desires. You can use this information before approaching them. A little knowledge about people’s passions, interests and desires can make you understand their demand and needs well. It can also help you tailor your services for them. It is very imperative for businesses to know their clients or any third-party vendors really well before engaging in business with them. It just ensures that your relationship is smooth and that you don’t run into any major challenges or risks

Learn From Mistakes : It is always very imperative to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. If you have made any mistakes in the past in terms of networking, for eg. pushed too hard for something or over-talked at some event, it is suggested that you don’t repeat it. People can get turned off very easily, especially if their ideologies don’t match. In today’s age of digital and fast-paced networking, it is very easy to make mistakes that go unnoticed. Mistakes can also bring a huge blow to your business. If you hurt someone or publicly embarrass someone, chances are that people might get intimidated. Always learn to carry a respectable image in public.

Align Your Values With Others : This is the most important factor to keep in mind while networking. Aligning your values according to others means understanding needs and demands of people and supplying them service tailored for their needs. If you align your values, it is easy to attract attention and fulfill your professional cum personal goals. Aligning your values may also make you a people’s person as a lot of people will start investing time and faith on you. Most businesses are built on these two factors: time and faith. Therefore it makes more sense for women to make sure that they invest time and faith onto people they are looking to connect with. Knowing a little history about them and understanding the culture they come from can be of great help too.

These are some tips to grow your network for your business. However, you can also structure your own niche and find people who have similar interests.

Malini Saba – Success Story

Malini Saba – Success Story

A True Success Story

Saba Industries Incorporated, is known for its strong holdings in Mining and Agriculture. The company produces iron ore, Gold, Bauxite, Palm oil and Rice. Malini dove into the commodity space believing that we all need raw material. Although Saba Industries has grown exponentially, it still remains a family-owned business.

Saba graduated from high school and later graduated with a degree in Psychology. After many failed relationships, she married and had children. Saba is an ardent entrepreneur and started her business in the 1990’s and still stands at the helm as the CEO of the company.

Saba’s net worth, as estimated to be over $1.5 billion dollars (USD). Among her several philanthropic contributions are donations to Australian Outback doctors, San Francisco Arts Academy, India’s Artists, and Children’s Hospital in Cambodia. Saba also owns farms that specialize in organic farming.

She has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year, Philanthropist of the year, Kalpana Chawla award, the Mother Theresa Award and the Federation Peace award for her global Philanthropic work.

She contributes to different causes through her philanthropic initiative Saba Family Foundation.

Hard work, discipline and a keen sense of business is what makes her one of the most successful contemporary business woman.

The Iceberg Ilusion

Investor Characteristics Five Key Essential Ingredients

Investor Characteristics Five Key Essential Ingredients

Investor Characteristics Five Key Essential Ingredients

What makes a good investor?

By Richard West

I met Ms. Saba in Australia. I was privileged to have an hour to interview her. My question to her was two-fold, ”1) What makes a good investor and 2) How did you build your portfolio of companies?”

“There are five key characteristics are needed in order to become a good investor”, she said.

Investor Malini Saba

An average investor uses his/her money and invests the rest; a good investor invests his/her money and uses the rest. Investing is a risk vs. returns game.

  1. Goal setting - Failing to plan is planning to fail!
    A good investor will always have clear goal. It is very important to have a plan to achieve the goals. Variations most likely tend to divert an investor from the agenda. Having a plan of action within a defined period of time for a particular return on investment is a sign of a good investor. They are prepared for the uncertainty of the market while the plans are usually made considering both the sides.

  2. Knowledge - When you know better, you do better!
    Besides utilizing time to the best, a good investor possesses knowledge of the market. He/she understands the position of funds and has researched about the company investment strategy and philosophy. You need to know where your money is being utilized. A good investor analyses the growth pattern of the company over the years from genuine sources. On the accounts of the anticipations and knowledge a good investor will have a defined plan for exit point as well. An active learner who is open to make a right choice on the basic of genuinity of knowledge is a good investor.

  3. Right Decision - Listen to the world but do what is right!
    A good investor knows the time. They keep an eye on current scenario in the market. They update their knowledge about market activities and growth. Having a sound understanding of trends enables the investors to overlook their plans and decide the term of investment. Having an understanding of current trends and company market position makes one a good investor. They own their mistakes and learn not to make them again. It’s not necessary that the good investor jumps into the trends; he/she just does what is right.

  4. Patience - Keep calm and carry on!
    Over the period of time a good investor creates wealth due to his patience. It is probably the finest quality to have. A good investor has faith in his plans. They usually do not feel bad about the 10% downtick; they would rather sit tight to celebrate the 100% uptick. They are persistent about sticking to the plans. They usually do not get into the buy and sell trends.

  5. Risk Aversion - Know thyself!
    Good investors know the inherent risk in investing. They understand their plans and analyze their expected returns. Being risk averse is a quality shaped by experience, knowledge and confidence over the above mentioned key characteristics.

Malini Saba’s Mantra:

“Remember to let go once you have decided to invest your money. The rest is in the hands of those you have entrusted to do the job. Thus, choose well and wisely based on analysis and research and also use your gut instinct. If you do those well, the rest is in the pudding as the British say.”

Breaking the Barrier

Breaking the Barrier


Malini Saba – Breaking the Barrier

London, UK – 5 May, 2018 – If you think that Commodity markets are still an all-boys club, meet Saba Industries (, CEO and social activist Malini Saba (

INSPIRING: Malini Saba

It might be the hottest trend in investment circles these days, but the commodity space is still a predominantly male dominated market. At the top level, from the chairman to its board members, commodity is and are old-world all-boys gentry.  Leave it to 50-year-old CEO and social activist Malini Saba to break the mold.

In March of this year, Saba is investing over $100 million in the commodity projects in India and South East Asia in the next few years. With this Saba becomes the first woman to found and head such a high-profile venture.

Focus on India and South East Asia

Saba feels strongly it is the correct time to invest back into this sector.

And Saba should know. This self-made businesswoman is known to have a Midas touch when it comes to investments. She has invested in hi-tech stocks, commodities in Asia and South America and real estate properties all across the globe.

“I’m always conscious of changing political and economic trends in any region I go in to invest,” Saba points out. She will be touring the countries visiting local agricultural areas and mining in across India and South East Asia.

Saba will also look at charitable giving through her Family Foundation during her visit to these countries. Saba Family Foundation main focus in health and education. Learn more at

Media Contact:
Wendy Tanaka
Sitrick And Company
+1(415) 369-8447


Self-made Billionaire

Self-made Billionaire


Malini Saba, Self-made Billionaire

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka – 15 Jan., 2015 – Why she inspires us? She was the first Sri Lankan Tamil women to become a self-made billionaire.

What has she taught us?

How to pave the way for march toward success against all odds. How to stand up to bullies who felt a woman’s place is not in the business lime light.

To do everything in your power to achieve your dream. How to succeed in a male dominated industry and to stay true to your ideals through it all.

Finally, to use the power you gain and have to protect those that can’t protect themselves.

We celebrate Malini Saba as an inspirational woman leader of our times.

Media Contact:
Wendy Tanaka
Sitrick And Company
+1(415) 369-8447


The Iron Lady with a Velvet Glove

The Iron Lady with a Velvet Glove


Malini Saba – The Iron Lady with a velvet glove

London, UK – 30 May, 2012 – A tough lady with a soft touch.

Her favorite quote:

“Being a leader is like being a lady. If you have to remind people you are, you aren’t. “

Malini understands that leadership is not about titles or photos or selfies. True leadership is about authenticity, standing up for principles, even in the face of strong opposition.

Her angry critics see her as a pugnacious destroyer. But those who know her understand she is all about methodology and doing what is right by people and for the people.

Authentic leadership is a product of honesty. Honesty is about putting needs of others before your own. Honesty in communicating information, both positive and negative. Honesty in accepting viewpoints which are different from yours. Honesty in integrating the values you profess with behaviors you exhibit. Honesty is also the product of clarity. Clarity in what you stand for and what you will not stand for.

We can take a lesson from Malini Saba. Always stay true to your core values regardless of how others view things under a populous lens. Only through this method can you truly help others and be a good leader too.

Media Contact:
Wendy Tanaka
Sitrick And Company
+1(415) 369-8447