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“Success is being happy and content with your life”

Q: What sparked the idea of creating Saba Family Foundation?
A: Saba Family Foundation was set up to be a catalyst for solving women’s issues like domestic violence, harassment, education and health.

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: The best thing is that I get to meet the survivors and talk to them. Working with advocates to fund their causes and organizing campaigns to help push change.

Q: What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
A: Perfect vacation for me is one with no phone, no computer, on a beach and a lot of good food.

Q: What is your motto if life?
A: My motto is to never give up on anything that one strongly believes in.

Q: Tell us about your hobbies.
A: I love swimming and gardening. I swim for hours because it allows me to connect with myself with every stroke, and it’s a great exercise for the whole body. Gardening because it connects me with the earth. That’s when I am outside with the birds and the squirrels who always steal my tomato before I get to them.

Q: What qualities according to you one should possess to be successful in life?
A: Success is different for everyone. To me, it is being happy inside and content with the journey of life. When you are happy and positive, you can handle any hurdle, any negative thing that life hits you with through the course of life. Thus you are a successful person when you attain happiness from within.