Saba Family Foundations, an advocate for marginalised people sets up a new Milestone in India

Launches an ‘ALL GIRLS School’, Wing in Nabha, Punjab, India

Saba Family Foundations, the CSR arm of Saba Group Holdings (a commodity company headquartered in Asia) and an advocate for those who are being marginalized has once again set up a milestone by giving its support for providing quality education in India. The Group inaugurated the Secondary Wing for ‘Maharani Gurcharan Kaur Euro Group Preparatory Girls School’, Nabha, Punjab, India on Tuesday, 19th November, 2019.

Saba Family Foundations aims to help at least one billion people around the world to gain access to basic healthcare, provide education and opportunities that allow them to break the cycle of poverty, and eradicate illiteracy about human right issues. The foundation regularly donates funds towards building schools in Africa, India and South-East Asia.  It also fund scholarships and have previously funded over one million students.

The Inauguration program began with Dr. Malini Saba, Founder & Chairman, Saba Family Foundations interaction with students & delivering a heartfelt speech while also sharing her Childhood experiences during laying of the Foundation Stone for the Secondary Wing of the School, followed by the cultural programs organized by the students.

Dr. Malini Saba, Founder & Chairman, Saba Family Foundations, said ‘When I think about the 62 million girls not in school, I think of myself and my daughter—all my girls, all our girls. Even now at this young age that there is something burning in them that is dying to get out. Well, that is true for millions of girls as they’re battling through misperceptions, violence, and stigma to get their way into a classroom. And many of them don’t have access to it, so we at SFF have a passion and mission that every girl on the planet has an opportunity to complete her education. We’re glad to get associated with the Nabha Foundations and bridge an alliance for our initiatives.

Dr. Saba also visited Sahouli to witness other developmental initiatives of The Nabha Foundation such as ‘Navi Disha School’ and ‘Phulkari Mehla Self-Help Group’ to get the better understanding for women empowerment, their issues, health and education. She also had an interaction with Farmer ‘Mr. Swaran Singh’ to see some of his sustainable &organic agriculture practices implemented by him at his farm.

Mr. Jai Singh Gill, Chairman & Mr Uday Nabha Khemka, Managing Trustee, The Nabha Foundations deeply thanked Saba family Foundations & Dr. Saba for extending a generous support by funding their project of Girl’s education in Nabha, Punjab, India.

About the Saba Family Foundations:

To honour her father, Dr. Malini Saba laid the foundation of ‘The Saba Family Foundations’ in the year 2002, fueled by her humanitarianism. Since then, it has been dedicated to a single mission to give access to the underserved and promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world. The foundation is proficient in analysing and addresses the root causes of the emerging socio-economic challenges faced by developing and underdeveloped countries.  Moreover, they believe in creating unlikely partnerships to span across sectors and taking risks. This intersectionality acts as a catalyst and helps them to achieve their vision of advancing health, re-valuing ecosystems, securing livelihoods, and transforming schools and communities timely.

About Dr. Malini Saba

Dr. Malini Saba exemplifies the concept of using business to serve humanity, she is a self-made businesswoman, a Psychologist, philanthropist, human & social rights activist and a global advocate for women & girls. She has helped millions of underserved women and children in South and Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and the U.S. gain access to life-saving medical, educational services and achieve economic stability.