Malini Saba

Philanthropist & Business Woman

“My goal is to help one billion people around the world gain access to basic healthcare, education and opportunities that break the cycle of poverty, and bring an end to human rights issues.”

About Malini Saba

 Malini Saba embodies the concept of using business to serve humanity. She is a self-made businesswoman as well as an ardent philanthropist, who helps underserved women and children in Asia, South America, Africa and the United States gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability.

Saba was born in Seremban, Malaysia to a family of modest means, which instilled in her a very strong work ethic that helped her to succeed in business. Saba’s parents also emphasized compassion for those less fortunate, and as a child, she would bring clothes and books to shelters and spend time with the people who lived there.

Saba founded the Saban Group in 1996 and later sold the company is 2015 at the peak of its financial success.  She made a similar transaction where she invested in grains in 2006, and later sold the company in 2015 at a premium profit.   In 2017, she started Saba Industries with a specific interest in agriculture.


Over the years, Saba has invested, developed and successfully traded a variety of companies in real estate, commodities and other industries. Using the same market strategy, Saba’s new business venture, Anannke Group, will target similar investments and includes viable opportunities in the entertainment industry and media. Saba is also the Founder and Chairman of Saba Group Holdings that launched in February of 2020.
Malini Saba

In addition to her corporate investments, Saba serves as chairman for two nonprofit organizations, Anannke Foundation, and the Saba Charitable Foundation, where together they serve those in need across the globe.  Both Foundations have a mission to support underserved communities in the areas of Health, Human Rights, Emergency Aid, Education as well as other vital programs.

Some of the most notable charitable projects include: partnering with Stanford Medical Center to train physicians from developing countries; distributing preventative health information on HIV/AIDS, immunizations, gastric and reproductive health; providing vocational education for women in Togo, West Africa; and supporting human rights issues around the world.

In addition to her corporate and philanthropic projects, Saba has a passion for cooking.  She wrote “The Abbreviated Cook,” a book of quick and easy recipes that offer a twist on traditional South and Southeast Asian dishes.  Click here to learn more.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Awarded in 2001

Kalpana Chawla

Woman of the Year 2004

Mother Theresa Award

Awarded in 2005

Federation of Peace Award

Awarded in 2006


Philanthropist of the Year 2005

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Words of Wisdom

“The opportunity to mentor others is not only a way of giving back, it’s the pathway to building one’s own legacy”

Through trials and tribulations, and many business successes over the years, Saba has learned some basic principles of success. She offers the following business tips:

  • Come up with a unique idea
  • Invest time and capital in that idea
  • Seek advice from experienced entrepreneurs on how to implement the idea
  • Surround yourself with good and successful people
  • Perseverance and dedication are paramount if you want to succeed


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