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Malini Saba

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Malini Saba embodies the concept of using business to serve humanity. She is a self-made businesswoman as well as an ardent philanthropist, who helps underserved women and children in Asia, South America, Africa and the United States gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability.

Saba was born in Seremban, Malaysia to a family of modest means, which instilled in her a very strong work ethic that helped her to succeed in business. Saba’s parents also emphasized compassion for those less fortunate, and as a child, she would bring clothes and books to shelters and spend time with the people who lived there.

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Malini Saba

Entrepreneur of the Year

Awarded in 2001

Kalpana Chawla Award

Woman of the Year 2004

Mother Theresa Award

Awarded in 2005


Philanthropist of the Year 2005

Federation of Peace Award

Awarded in 2006


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