Malini Saba Shares Secrets

BACKSTAGE Secrets of Malini Saba

1) Best Career advice I’ve gotten:

Always think before you act. Never take anything personally – it’s business.


2) Moment I felt I’d Made it:

When I stopped worrying about money.


3) How I made my first Dollar:

I worked at Red Rooster as a cashier.


4) Favorite Perks in the job:

I get to travel all over the world in my job and I meet interesting people.


5) If I weren’t a businesswoman what would I be?

I would be a writer. I love writing.


6) Three qualities that got me to where I am today:

I never give up on anything. I listen to everyones opinion. I forgive and forget.


7) Song I would play at my funeral:

Frank Sinatra’s. –  “MY WAY”


8) Food I am not ashamed to admit I love:

Chocolate cheesecake. It’s my favorite thing to eat .It makes me happy.


9) Superhero power I would like to have –

To make the world happy. I would swish it like a wand and make everyone happy with where they are in their life and happy

With what they have.


10) What every woman should try once in her lifetime –

Taking a trip on the ORIENT EXPRESS. It’s the best experience and just beautiful and set in time.


11) If I could live abroad where would it be.

I would like on an island like BORA BORA. Its just an amazing place.


12) First Album I bought  –

Modanna ’s –  Like a Virgin.


13) Book that left a lasting impression on me

South Beach Diet  –  Never knew anything like that could actually work.


14) On My bucket list –

I want to take the BLUE Train in Africa, see Iceland and fly a plane.


15) One thing I am exceptionally good at –



16) One thing I am exceptionally bad at –



17) How I clear my head after a crappy day:

I listen to Frank Sinatra record and gave a glass of wine.


18) My First Kiss –

The man I married.


19) Advice to a woman with a broken heart:

Take it is as a learning experience and that the Universe was protecting you from further hurt. The Universe took it away because

Something better is on its way to you. Cherish that feeling and trust the universe. It makes miracles happen when you let go.


20) Craziest thing I did for love –

I moved countries for him only to discover he was after my money.