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Daniel Budzinski had a chance to interview Malini Saba. He got to ask her several questions in regards to her roots, her path to success and her philanthropic life. Having talked about her youthful years and the struggles she went through, Malini Saba has a few advice on how to make a successful entrepreneur. Among the tips she gave was; coming up with a unique idea, investing time and capital in it, seeking advice from experienced entrepreneurs on how to implement the idea. Finally, she pointed out that it is not always easy but perseverance and dedication are paramount if you have to succeed.

Wisdom From Malini Saba:

  • We don’t need to control everyone.
  • Ask rather than tell.
  • Fear is your worst enemy.
  • You don’t have to do it the way they want you to do it.
  • Do what is true to your soul.
  • It’s okay to experience loss, heartbreak, and failure as long as you learn from it.
  • In life, you have successes and failures, yet those failures are also successes if you learn from them.
  • Who you truly are is where you come from.
  • Keep things simple.
  • Know and understand your employees.
  • Don’t miss your open door.

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