Investor Characteristics Five Key Essential Ingredients

What makes a good investor?

By Richard West

I met Ms. Saba in Australia. I was privileged to have an hour to interview her. My question to her was two-fold, ”1) What makes a good investor and 2) How did you build your portfolio of companies?”

“There are five key characteristics are needed in order to become a good investor”, she said.

Investor Malini Saba

An average investor uses his/her money and invests the rest; a good investor invests his/her money and uses the rest. Investing is a risk vs. returns game.

Malini Saba’s Mantra:

“Remember to let go once you have decided to invest your money. The rest is in the hands of those you have entrusted to do the job. Thus, choose well and wisely based on analysis and research and also use your gut instinct. If you do those well, the rest is in the pudding as the British say.”