Interview with Malini Saba – A Strong Woman

By Alexa Wong

When you come across a strong woman, you’ll know it the moment she enters the room. That was Malini. I knew it was her the moment she walked into the café.  She gave off a vibe of self confidence that anyone could spot from a mile away.

I met Malini, in a coffee shop downtown London. She was nice enough to give me time. She was in town on a business trip.

She sat down and we began the interview.

Here are 9 things I walked away with after talking with her:

1)   She takes time to self-care.

One of the less obvious keys to success is the self-love and self-care, because without those, a successful woman knows she is already up the creek.  You must take care of the person in the mirror first. You cannot get to the next point if you don’t nurture yourself along the journey.

2)   She is not afraid to stand on her own.

She believes a strong woman does not need anyone standing in front, behind or beside her to get things done. They set their goals, figure out how to achieve them, and then get after it.  You have to fight battles, tame dragons and walk through fire if you have too.

3)   She does not make excuses.

Malini believes that no matter her life circumstances, she rises with the tides and does whatever she needs to in order to make it to shore. She has never let her mind get in the way of her success, because she knows that she is more than capable of achieving what she wants.  Excuses get in the way of results, and she knows she cannot have both.

4)   She does not waste time complaining.

One can either complain and let yourself be a victim, or you can rise above your challenges and be a warrior. We have to simply get back up and try again and refuse to let petty life problems get in the way. She feels complaining only drains her energy, so she chooses to put her energy into something useful and create something out of nothing.

5)   She chooses to challenge herself.

When you get too comfortable, you stop growing, she says.  It’s important to always keep yourself learning to try new things and expand your knowledge and skill sets.

6)   She stays on top of finances.

We all go through tough times and hard times.  I have certainly had my share, Saba states. Sometimes we may have even start all over again. She says she has had to do that.  However, you cannot let it keep you down. We have to make sure we are on top of our finances. We must always take care of no 1 first, regardless if you are married or not. You must keep money aside for that rainy day. Her advice, Governments change and markets shift and we must be ready for that.

7)  She keeps an open mind.

She believes while strong women tend to have strong opinions and beliefs about things, they also keep and open mind and learn from others. A strong woman is able to be sorry, forgive and move ahead. A strong woman can accept when she is wrong.

8)  She helps everyone around her.

Another facet to success that most people don’t think about is lifting others up around you. After all, what good is a win if you don’t have a team to help you celebrate.  She believes that its important to always help others even if it’s in the smallest way. Giving back is what all of us are here to do.

9)  She stands her ground.

A strong woman never shy away from a problem. She will stand her ground and face it head on.

My one hour with Malini turned to a four, hour conversation. She was one of the most attentive, charismatic, and genuine person I have had the pleasure to interview. She made eye contact through the four, hour conversation. She was like an everyday person with huge success while keeping to her humble beginnings. It was a privilege to meet her.

I will end with a quote from Malini,

“’If my strength intimidates you. I hope you realize that’s a weakness of yours.’”