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Sharmila Chand catches up with Ms. Saba (shown below) to know more about the business woman & philanthropist.
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Malini Saba is a self-made businesswoman and ardent philanthropist.

Born in Malaysia to a family of modest means, Ms. Saba spent her early life in Sri Lanka and Australia. Later, she migrated to the USA and, along with her husband, learned the nuances of business. In 2002, she launched The Saba Family Foundation to serve as an umbrella organization for all her philanthropic works. Through the foundation, she has helped millions of under-served women and children in South and South-East Asia, South America, Africa and the US gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability. Funding for her philanthropic works comes from Saba Group Holdings, a group of commodities companies that she has founded in Asia. Tak­ ing time off her  busy  schedule, Ms. Saba has penned The Abbreviated Cook, a book of quick and easy recipes that offer a twist on traditional South and South-East Asian dishes.

Q: What is your philosophy of life?
A: I believe that what goes around comes around, for I have lived long enough to see it being very true.

Q: What is your passion in life?
A: My passion and my calling in life are to help others and thus the foundation.

Q: What is your management mantra?
A: Never, never, never give up

Q: What would you like to say about your work?
A: My work is my baby. It is what I wake up to everyday. It does not define me, but it gives me great challenges, overcoming which gives me immense joy.

Q: Your strength...
A: Never giving up.

Q: A business Leader you admire the most...
A: I admire Steve jobs. He was relentless with his vision to succeed.

Q: Your weakness ...
A: Never giving up.

Q: Your kind of music...
A: I love Bollywood songs and Hip Hop.

Q: Your favourite holiday destination...
A: Bora Bora – Tahiti

Q: Golf or Bridge or...
A: Golf hands down. The game allows me to be away from my phones and alone on the grounds.

Q: You are a tough, serious boss or
A: I like to think that I am the serious kind of boss but with a soft touch much like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Q: Formal suit or casual attire…
A: Casual attire any day

Q: What do you enjoy the most in lifegenerally?
A: I love cooking. It gives me great pleasure to come home from work and cook a variety of dishes for my family.

Q: How do you de-stress?
A: I find getting my nails done at a salon with my family very relaxing.

Q: Your mantra for success...
A: Get up, brush off, and keep at it.

Q: Your dream...
A: To make a movie in Bollywood.

Q: Ten years from now, where do we see you?
A: On my yacht, retired and writing my memoirs.