Malini Saba – Breaking the Barrier

London, UK – 5 May, 2018 – If you think that Commodity markets are still an all-boys club, meet Saba Group Holdings (, CEO and social activist Malini Saba (

INSPIRING: Malini Saba

It might be the hottest trend in investment circles these days, but the commodity space is still a predominantly male dominated market. At the top level, from the chairman to its board members, commodity is and are old-world all-boys gentry.  Leave it to 50-year-old CEO and social activist Malini Saba to break the mold.

In March of this year, Saba is investing over $100 million in the commodity projects in India and South East Asia in the next few years. With this Saba becomes the first woman to found and head such a high-profile venture.

Focus on India and South East Asia

Saba feels strongly it is the correct time to invest back into this sector.

And Saba should know. This self-made businesswoman is known to have a Midas touch when it comes to investments. She has invested in hi-tech stocks, commodities in Asia and South America and real estate properties all across the globe.

“I’m always conscious of changing political and economic trends in any region I go in to invest,” Saba points out. She will be touring the countries visiting local agricultural areas and mining in across India and South East Asia.

Saba will also look at charitable giving through her Family Foundation during her visit to these countries. Saba Family Foundation main focus in health and education. Learn more at

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