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8 Characteristics of a Strong woman, Malini Saba

What do the following household names have in common — Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, and Malala Yousafzai? Describing these women as powerful, strong, brave, and revolutionary is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to recognizing their achievements. But what exactly made them that way? Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to perform a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. That was a big deal at the time. When you think about it, it still is. Rosa Parks refused to give in to the racist culture of the early-mid 1900s by refusing to move to the back of the […]

Malini Saba Legacy

By Chandra Lingam Malini unknowingly will leave a legacy with her Charitable work globally. She started it because it is a passion. A passion to help others in need and create a world where everyone has same opportunities. Saba believes that through different decades, different political environments , we as a people should always stay focused on our goals to help others. Never to be swayed by the changes around on the 30,000 feet level. In Malini’s words “Politics change every four years , but the ground level problems always stay the same. To create a real impact its up […]

Malini Saba – Success Story

A True Success Story Saba Industries Incorporated, is known for its strong holdings in Mining and Agriculture. The company produces iron ore, Gold, Bauxite, Palm oil and Rice. Malini dove into the commodity space believing that we all need raw material. Although Saba Industries has grown exponentially, it still remains a family-owned business. Saba graduated from high school and later graduated with a degree in Psychology. After many failed relationships, she married and had children. Saba is an ardent entrepreneur and started her business in the 1990’s and still stands at the helm as the CEO of the company. Saba’s net […]

Understanding Employees – Important for Success

Why understanding your employees is important for Success. By Rajeshwari Sajosh I wanted to interview Saba to understand her views on Management and what she thought about hiring more women in her field. Her feedback was enlightening. She has some strong views on management and gender equality in the workplace. She had four areas which she focused on beginning with : Unite, Don’t Direct There’s a fine line between a leader and a manager. For one, a leader inspires employees to follow her lead and pursue her goals. A manager, on the other hand, leads by instruction and directives. This is why Malini Saba finds […]

10 tips for achieving what you want in life

By Rosana Yacob I sat in the Ritz Carlton in Malaysia waiting for Malini Saba to arrive. While I was waiting, I started talking to the concierge. He went on to tell me about how he met Saba two years ago when she first took the apartment at the Ritz. He said she was so motivated to get the best deal we had and she was relentless and we caved in. Malini arrived and walked directly to me as if she had known me for years. She was so welcoming and warm and it put me at ease to start […]


By Louisa Rampet Mining has a reputation for being rough, remote and dangerous, as well as being one of the most male-dominated industries in the world. This is true for Malini Saba, CEO of Saba Industries, whose mining journey started at the age of 30 when she decided to invest heavily in the commodity space. She began at ground zero. She has built a thriving business and now owns over 7 large Mines internationally.  Her company owns mines that produce Iron ore, gold and Bauxite. Malini says “Women must challenge their own comfort and realize the possibilities this environment has […]

Investor Characteristics Five Key Essential Ingredients

What makes a good investor? By Richard West I met Ms. Saba in Australia. I was privileged to have an hour to interview her. My question to her was two-fold, ”1) What makes a good investor and 2) How did you build your portfolio of companies?” “There are five key characteristics are needed in order to become a good investor”, she said. An average investor uses his/her money and invests the rest; a good investor invests his/her money and uses the rest. Investing is a risk vs. returns game. Goal setting - Failing to plan is planning to fail! A [...]

Mother Behind Scenes, Woman Behind Business

Mother Behind the Scenes, Woman Behind the Business By Elana Shongan I wanted to write this personalized outlook of a woman I admire dearly. She is humble and caring but fiercely strong and puts up with no nonsense. This is my take on this amazing woman. I had the occasion to see Madam herself sweeping and mopping at home. She works late into the night and sometimes wakes up early at 2:00 AM to finish work. When I went to see her she was doing this. I think it helps her think and release stress. I still remember her photograph […]

Interview with Malini Saba – A Strong Woman

By Alexa Wong When you come across a strong woman, you’ll know it the moment she enters the room. That was Malini. I knew it was her the moment she walked into the café.  She gave off a vibe of self confidence that anyone could spot from a mile away. I met Malini, in a coffee shop downtown London. She was nice enough to give me time. She was in town on a business trip. She sat down and we began the interview. Here are 9 things I walked away with after talking with her: 1)   She takes time to […]

Love Thy Neighbor

Who is your neighbor? The word tolerance means the willingness to accept or to tolerate, especially opinions or behavior you may not agree with, or to behave sensibly with those who are not like you. It means showing respect for the race, gender, opinions, religion and ideologies of other people or groups, and to admire the good qualities and good work of others. And to express one’s point of view in a decent and respectful way while respecting the sentiments of others. Tolerance can be shown in many ways, on different occasions and at different times. A person might fully […]