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Dr. Saba - Be a pioneer

COVID-19 pandemic affected all of us especially those who  embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship.  Dr Malini Saba lists traits that will make one equipped to take life challenges head-on

Entrepreneurship means willing to take risks, organise and live your dream in an ever evolving and competitive global market. Entrepreneurs are those who desire to innovate, produce, lead and pioneer in their own field, but 2020 was the year that imparted some valuable lessons to everyone all across the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic hurled innumerable challenges for entrepreneurs especially for those who just embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. But as the worst is behind us, we know the success mantra of all entrepreneurs in this pandemic was the up-gradation of skills. And entrepreneurship is all about upgrading your skills over time. In 2021, to wade through the tough terrain of life we all should inculcate entrepreneurial skills in students. So here are specific traits of entrepreneurs that will make one equipped to take life challenges head-on.

Traffic Communication Skills

One of the most prominent skills for being entrepreneurs is terrific communication skills. That plays a catalytic role not only in the success of entrepreneurs but also all paves the way for the success of each one of us in almost every walk of life. Pandemic is a golden time for students to learn various skills that helps them to shape their future. A good communicator will emerge victorious in almost all walks of life.

Upgrading Skills

Learning is a never ending process for students which helps them to upgrade themselves for creating their better version in their desired field. One success sutra uncovered by this pandemic is that how quickly acclimatise yourself in consonance with any situation determined your success. During the pandemic when a formidable existential crisis was posed by the pandemic the success of entrepreneurs and ventures was determined on the premise of how quickly they pivoted to new businesses.

Thus entrepreneurs reoriented their business model and strategies. Thus willingness to upgrade and acclimatise to any situation befallen on you determines your success. Thus this trait should be inculcated by us in 2021. These entrepreneurial skills will let students stride on path of success.

Crisis Management Skills

It’s not easy to tackle any crisis but your role to manage the situation is define your skills or mind-set towards it. For students the most important skill set that leads to the sparkling success of any entrepreneur is his acumen for crisis management. Standing firm in the face of crisis, wading through the crisis and emerging victorious are few traits associated with entrepreneurs. But this skill holds immense value in our lives when we should be ready to grapple with any untoward incident and emerge victoriously. So, it would be apt to say we all should strive to inculcate this entrepreneurial trait in 2021 when 2020 shows us that we have to hold strong in the face of crisis and any extenuating circumstances.

Optimal Use of resources

Resources are mostly limited in nature whether its natural or man-made, so students need to always keep in mind to use resources potentiality. Another important entrepreneurial skill that leads to success is their ability to optimally use all the resources. And that is the quality that if transpired into our personal lives will also make our personal and professional lives hassle-free and smooth. This trait can not only give entrepreneurs marvellous success but can also bring huge success for you.

Ability to Take Risks

Entrepreneurship is the profession associated with taking risks and making the maximum out of any opportunity. But this risk-taking ability will not create rags to riches story only for the entrepreneurs rather this can be a game changer for all of us even in our personal lives. The 2021 will be all about risk-taking abilities and entrepreneurial skill will come to rescue in your personal life too.

Thus 2020 brought lessons for us that it’s not only for students or entrepreneurs to enhance their skills but it’s equally important to learn entrepreneurial skills to sail through all the extenuating circumstances of life.

The writer is founder-chairman, Saba Group and Anannke Foundation