About Malini Saba

Businesswoman and philanthropist, M. Saba a resident of Monaco, has been at the forefront of women’s’ rights and changing the way low income and at-risk women and children worldwide see themselves and their roles in society. As a young girl growing up, her biggest interest was empowerment for women struggling for human rights, health and economic stability. Very early in life, she saw the value of small efforts and spent time in shelters, buying clothes and schoolbooks as well as teaching children.

In the mid-2000’s, she was looking beyond the borders of the US into Asia and South America, investing in commodity firms around the world. Her biggest returns to date have been in the rice, oil and gas sector. She has used her resources to promote access for women for health and education, believing that without basic health and human rights, survival can be challenged.


An avid writer, successful businesswoman and brilliant researcher, she wants to work relentlessly to provide access to women and children through the life span, not only for preventive health but social and economic gain. She continues to speak in global forums and hopes to impact policy. Partnering with visionaries and philanthropists, she is among other titles, the Chairman of Saba Foundation and UpCara which promises to change access and preventive practices globally.