What makes a great leader?

London, UK – 30 Dec., 2010 – Malini Saba epitomizes a great leader with these 5 attributes.

A great leader:

Shows compassion.

All of us are driven by a simple belief and we need to always look at both sides of any situation.

Doesn’t over-work.

You can still succeed if you pace yourself. Make certain you get enough sleep and eat well.

Overcomes adversity with grace.

Life is never perfect. We always have to have alternative route to the destination we want to end up in.

Uses feminism as an advantage.

We should not try to be men. We are a totally different gender. Thus, why must we lead and act the same way? We should embrace our own gender and focus more on business.

Is tough when needed.

Remember never to be a shrinking violet. Stand your ground and stick to your beliefs.

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