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Dr. Malini Saba 5 Online Upskilling coursesWhether you are a woman returning from a break or someone looking to bag that promotion, following upskilling online courses can come in handy. Here’s all you need to know from the expert Dr. Malini Saba, Founder and Chairman, Saba Group & Anannke Foundation.

Leaving for a good number of months or maybe years and coming back to your job, only to see that your skills are outdated, and you are replaced by a fresher talent. This is often the case with women who either go on their maternity break or leave their jobs for a few years to tend to their young families.

Thankfully for all, upskilling today is an achievable goal, thanks to the digital world that connects educators from different industries with learners looking to improve their professional proficiency and gain relevance.

Whether you are a woman returning from a break or someone looking to bag that promotion, following upskilling online courses can come in handy.

Data science course

Data is the big brother ruling over all industries. From top tech giants to startups, everybody today relies on data to optimise their business operations.

A data science course will not only make you relevant but also help you be the solution provider to a current problem. While having a technical background helps, people with non-tech backgrounds can also put in the extra work and make the most of it.

Digital marketing course

The pandemic ushered everyone indoors. From shopping to running businesses, everything went digital. Companies now need marketers who can create online campaigns and build as well as boost their online presence.

A course in digital marketing is apt for those with a creative streak and marketing appeal, who can help companies dive into the brave new digital world and gain respectable ROI despite the pandemic.

A digital marketing course usually involves content management, marketing analytics, social media marketing, and paid ads to name a few. Once you have gained proficiency, you can easily convert into your own business and connect with global brands looking to improve their digital prowess.

Graphic designing course

Do you have a creative streak? If you possess the ability to paint a picture that conveys a million words, then you must invest yourself in a graphic designing course.

Those with an artistic flair plus a graphic designing background are in high demand since they are the ones that improve online experiences. You can learn to illustrate, motion designing and much more!

With a graphic designing course, you can also pursue a thriving freelance career and work with big brands to deliver their messaging in creative manners.

Entrepreneurship 101

During the pandemic led to job losses, people saw an opportunity to build something of their own. As a result, there has been a plethora of post-pandemic startups. You, too, can build something of your own. With courses focused on entrepreneurship, you can learn about learning the right business skills, leadership, product development & placing, sales & marketing and so much more!

Soft skill’s trainer course

Manners never go out of trend and professionals are always looking for ways to improve their presentation skills, leadership qualities, and a lot more. If you have people skills, a soft skills course will further reinforce your professional scope and help make a difference in people’s lives.

Final takeaway

These upskilling courses are meant to help you elevate your professional journey and have a flourishing career or a business. You can also try talking to a career counselor to guide you through the process.